shaamylicious requested: Amy’s at the park gathering some data on her computer for work , then comes her lets call em bullies/ pretended friends and approach her with “oh the Loner is still a loner ” and nasty things like that … All of a sudden comes shelly all dashing with a new look; looking like sex on a stick , kisses her passionately leaving the others agape. AND burned.. (Perhaps they could be married , but she didn’t have the ring on her because they had to alter it ) I don’t know up to you thank you.

 I love this prompt so much, I hope I don’t dissapoint. Btw, Sheldon always looks like sex on a stick, I think that one speaks for its self ;) Anyways, this fic is gunna be for day 14 of my Shamy one shot a day, and the one I post later will be for day 15. Enjoy!

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